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10-14-11 l Blow Up Hollywood Live Recordings
Gordon recently recorded two separate live performances with the amazing avante-garde band Blow Up Hollywood. The shows took place in the big room at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall, and showcased material from their forthcoming studio album, which finds them heading in a folkier direction, but in a way that is uniquely BUH. These amazing performances will be part of their first live release, and will see the light of day sometime in 2012.
08-05-11 l Meters Tribute Sessions
Gordon Davies was back at The Barbershop recording basic tracks for a CD of songs from The Meters. Their classic material was reinterpreted by an all- star band consisting of drummer Anton Fig, guitarist Oz Noy, steel pan master Andy Narrel, and bassist John Carey. As they were going for a very natural sound, almost no eq was used during the recording. The amazing acoutics of The Barbershop's live room will be featured heavily in the sound of the project.
04-09-11 l Ron Vreeland Overdubbing at SAS
Recording artist Ron Vreeland has been spending a lot of time at Singletrack Audio, laying down vocals and guitars for an ongoing project of his original material. A talented singer and songwriter, Ron's songs span a wide range of styles and feature some very unique and cryptic lyrics. The project is scheduled for release in early 2012.

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