Gordon Davies: Audio Engineer Résumé
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Gordon Davies is an in-demand Recording/Mix engineer and producer working in the Tri-State area.

Gordon Davies got his start on Long Island in the late eighties when a close friend convinced him that it would be a good idea to join him in attending Five Towns College to study audio. He immediately fell in love with the art of recording, and after 2 years, graduated at the top of his class. In less than a year, Gordon turned an internship at Island Media Studios into a full time engineering job. Before long, Gordon made the obligatory move to NYC, and started all over again, as a gofer at Soundtrack, one of NY’s largest and busiest studios. Working the graveyard shift, he learned SSL console signal flow and automation by reading the manual on the train to and from work. Gordon moved quickly from intern, to assistant, to engineer.
After leaving Soundtrack, Gordon engineered at several of NYC’s top studios throughout the mid nineties, eventually becoming a freelance engineer. Gordon was engineering and producing some of the city’s best local bands and artists, working out of many of the same studios with whom he had developed relationships during his time on their staff.

It was around this same time that Gordon began to develop his voice; singing background vocals on many of the projects he produced and engineered, as well as performing regionally with the bands MJ12 and TinGods, and eventually landing a publishing deal with the latter.

Gordon continued to freelance until 2001, when after Sept 11th, the bottom fell out of the entertainment industry in NYC.

Adjusting quickly, Gordon relocated to the Washington DC area, taking a staff engineer’s position at Omega Recording Studios, and the Omega School. It was here that he was introduced to the world of audio instruction, and was given the opportunity to share his accumulated knowledge with aspiring engineers.
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